Cupcake Toppers

19 Feb

Because I was baking Adam red velvet cupcakes for his birthday, which happens to be Valentine’s day, I decided to do the red velvet cupcake recipe showdown and give a bunch of cupcakes away.

I like to think that Valentine’s Day is about love in general, not just romantic love, so I’ve done treats for friends other years. Also, my husband is a pretty indiscriminately enthusiastic eater of all food, which a great trait overall. But when you are doing a recipe showdown, you want more comments than, “They are both good!” Friends needed to be engaged as more critical voices.

So, all this to say, if I’m giving people a bunch of Valentine’s Day red velvet cupcakes, they need some kind of holiday topper! I googled heart images and other such things and picked four different ones. Adam was nice enough to size the images and make them into a grid for me, then I cut and glued them to toothpicks.

They came out pretty funny, and I was relieved that other people thought they were funny, too. That doesn’t always happen to me!

Sorry they are not the best images, but you get the idea! The possibilities are endless with this kind of cupcake topper!


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