Red Velvet Recipe Showdown

19 Feb

Adam wanted red velvet for his birthday, which was perfect because I had a recipe with “amped up” chocolate-i-ness that I wanted to try. I found the recipe for the amped up red velvet cupcakes over at Shelterific, and for comparison, I also made a dozen cupcakes using the Magnolia Bakery recipe on which Megan B. based her version.

I think everyone who tried both loved the extra-chocolaty version, including me. Both had a kind of crispy top that was really good. You usually don’t get variations of texture in a cupcake, so that was a yummy surprise, especially when they were warm out of the oven.

I used Megan B.’s mom’s cream cheese icing recipe, and it was excellent. Don’t you hate cream cheese icing when you have to look for the cream cheese flavor? This one isn’t like that at all.

Now, the one hitch in the amped up version is that it calls for red cocoa, which is more expensive and which I could only find by mail order. After one bite of the amped up cupcakes, I decided it was worth the trouble and expense. Then my friend was telling me about Hershey’s extra dark cocoa powder. I didn’t even know that existed, but I’m sure it’s easier to find and less spendy than red cocoa powder. And I found a recipe on wit and whistle that calls for about as much cocoa powder as the amped up ones…so now I’m thinking I need to do a showdown with the new recipe using extra dark cocoa powder vs. the amped up recipe. I’m sure no one will complain about another taste test!


6 Responses to “Red Velvet Recipe Showdown”

  1. Megan B. February 21, 2011 at 2:46 pm #

    I’m delighted my cupcakes beat Magnolia’s! Thanks for baking them — and for visiting our little site. I’d love to know how mine hold up to the other competition!

    • cakewalkneworleans February 21, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

      Hooray! Hi Megan B.! Thanks for all the great recipes. I wanna make your carrot cake, too.


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