Mardi Gras 2011

9 Mar

I am still a little worn out from Mardi Gras; I’m so glad I didn’t have to work Ash Wednesday.

We walked through our neighborhood, the Marigny, to the French Quarter like we usually do. It has become a moveable street party with tons of people in costume. I look forward to it every year so much.

When we got to the Quarter, we sat on some steps for awhile to watch people go by, and a nice woman passing gave us each a vintage whistle. She said it was a parade throw from the Krewe of Thoth in the early ’60s. You blow through the narrow end, and there is a hole in the circular part. It is tiny, but loud!

What a lucky thing!

I also had my first All That Jazz sandwich from The Verti Marte, and that was an experience! In all honesty, I tend to like things that are flavorful but relatively simple, so I had never ordered the All That Jazz before. It is grilled ham, turkey and shrimp with swiss and american cheese along with grilled mushrooms, tomatoes, and “wow sauce” on grilled french bread.

I do not think it is simply the cocktails I had that made me swoon over this sandwich! It’s really, really good and if you haven’t had one, you should. They say it cures a hangover, but I didn’t have one…maybe it prevents them as well?



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