16 May

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, and part of the reason is that the things I had been spending my time on didn’t seem post-worthy. I spent one entire day rearranging the two bookshelves in our living room- adding some stuff and getting rid of some stuff. And dusting. Boy do I hate dusting.

But then I was thinking that I may as well share that on here, because the thing is, I love arranging stuff. It pleases me, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed! I have been secretly attracted to the idea of arranging books by color, though I don’t like things being too fussy and obviously arranged. I decided to give it a shot, and you know, I think I love it.

I don’t have so many books that I could really do it full-force, but I think that’s why it works…also Adam remarked that he was glad I didn’t try to do a rainbow. What I did do was a shelf of hot colors (red, orange, pink, yellow) and a shelf of cool colors (blue, green.) The bottom shelf is magazines and comics and funny books- I think having one shelf of mixed-up books keeps the fussiness level down.

The sculpture on top is Adam’s.

This shelf has a bunch metal tools and things Adam has collected, a sculpture of a package his dad made, and a picture of my dad next to a horse decoration he made in high school. The small green vase I got in an antique shop in upstate New York, and the vintage yellow tin was his dad’s.

And then on the other unit, there is a shelf of mostly black spines and of mostly white spines. I kept my shelves of books to read, art books, and various small books. And I kept all my New Orleans books grouped together.

I really think doing a little bit of arranging by color gives some visual calm and unity…and I feel like a total goofball saying that. But I do. And I like it.


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