Homesteading, Sort Of

18 Jun

OK, not really. It’s more that I’m making efforts to be thrifty and to not be wasteful. So I’m cooking with what I have in the pantry as well as not letting produce or leftovers go to waste…which mostly means freezing things for later. Because I’m going out of town next week, I needed to see what I could do with the produce I wouldn’t get to before I leave.

Today I chopped up my box of champagne mangos and froze 12 1-cup portions; roasted a couple red peppers that are waiting to be peeled and frozen; froze some sugar snap peas; and made a ton more summer cucumbers for Adam to eat while I’m gone.

I still have a ton of frozen raspberries from when I found them for 25 cents a container. I like to spread smaller things like the sugar snap peas and the raspberries on a cookie sheet and then transfer them to bags after they are frozen, so they don’t clump together.

I also staked my basil plants and made my second batch of pesto for the year. I may freeze some of that, too, but I’m trying to decide if I should divide it up into an ice cube tray or just throw the whole small container in the freezer. I sure love pesto on pasta with diced tomatoes and parmesan, but I need to find some other ways to use it. I have a feeling I’m going to have quite a stash at the end of the summer.


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