Jean Lafitte National Park- Barataria Preserve

3 Jul

I love to visit this place. It’s so close to New Orleans, but taking a walk there makes me feel as if I’ve had a mini vacation.

And on each visit, I have always seen at least one alligator.

Today, our alligator count was 5. Most often they are smallish- 4 to 6 feet. You can estimate their size by guessing the distance between their eyes and nose in inches. Then, for every inch you add a foot in length. So, 4 inches between eyes and nose is 4 feet total length.

This guy, who we spotted from a bridge that crosses the bayou, was BIG.  Bigger than 12 feet, I’m sure. Yikes!! You can canoe around the preserve, but honestly, I’m too scared.

New to me were these big, black grasshoppers. There were a lot near the entrance of the park. Adam put one on his arm and it climbed right up, across his shoulders and down the other arm. I took pictures. No grasshoppers on me, thanks.



2 Responses to “Jean Lafitte National Park- Barataria Preserve”

  1. John T Cooper July 21, 2011 at 11:59 am #

    I jaunted over to Jean Lafitte recently. We saw 2 alligators. We also saw two “pods” of alligator gars in the water, hanging out and looking tough. Your picture from the bridge is odd to me, because they depict my memories of where I stood on the bridge, leaving me with a slightly confused feeling, heh.

    Do they have canoes to rent there? If so, I’m going right back with the Farringtons in tow. I used to canoe up and down the Abita River. Sigh.”I had a farm in Africa.”

    • cakewalkneworleans July 22, 2011 at 10:23 am #

      I dunno about the canoes…I’ve been watching Swamp People, and I’m even more a-skeered of alligators now.

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