Crazy Quilt Garland

12 Jul

After the floods in New Orleans, I had the idea to do a crazy quilt with the themes of love, home and family in mind.

Our four cats and our dog are allowed on the bed, so making a crazy quilt and actually putting it on the bed was not happening, and we’re lucky to have walls pretty full of art. So a garland of pendants hung up high seemed perfect.

This one is a night sky, with vintage rhinestones as the stars. There is Adam’s zodiac constellation, Aquarius, and mine, Aries. And the two big stars in the upper right corner are him and me, hanging out in the atmosphere together.

It’s a bit hard to see, but I embroidered the nest in the bird toile with silver thread. Our home’s living space is on the second floor (Adam’s metal shop is on the ground floor,) and I always call it our little nest.

These words are the ones my friends, coworkers and I texted each other after the floods. We are safe. I am safe. Such a relief to hear from your loved ones in that time.

I can’t wait to add to this ongoing project! I’d like to add one to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, even though it’s already passed. Some pendants will just be pretty, some will have special meaning. Maybe someday it will go all the way around our bedroom.




2 Responses to “Crazy Quilt Garland”

  1. missbhavens July 12, 2011 at 1:25 pm #

    I. Love. It.

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