Building With Green Glass Exterior

13 Jul

Exteriors of glass panels in beautiful colors is a building treatment that no one seems to use anymore, but I love it so.

I mean, obviously, age is a little rough on it.

But look how the glass reflects the light and whatever is around it. Hi! That’s me taking a picture in the bottom right!

And it’s so pretty when it reflects the clouds in the sky.

This one is down the street from me, so I get to look at it all the time. There was another one on my street, with yellow and orange glass, if I remember right. But they fixed that one up and the glass is gone.

I wish I could find more online images of this kind of exterior, but when I search, I mostly find skyscrapers and things.

This craft tutorial from kootut murut of painting the insides of glass jars reminds me of my beloved glass exterior buildings. Maybe it’s those colors she used. But I have lots of tester-sized paints needing a purpose in life, so this may be their destiny.


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