I’m Excited About: a Teenaged Cat, Pizza Delicious, Ray Davies

18 Jul

1. A little stray teenaged cat. I put food out for a brown tabby stray we call Notty, and yesterday was the second time I’ve seen this younger cat. He’s super playful, hopping all around the roof outside my kitchen window.

He hasn’t seemed particularly hungry, so like Notty, I suspect others in the neighborhood are feeding him. I’ve gotta make sure little Teenager has been neutered…and I only say “he” by default. I’d hate for him to be a her and show up pregnant one day!

2. Pizza Delicious for dinner last night! Hate the name, LOVE the pies. Adam finally saw the light and agreed with me that it’s the best pizza in town, so I imagine we’ll have it more often.

3. Ray Davies at Voodoo Fest! I found out this week that he’s in the lineup, and I’m too excited for words!! The Kinks are one of my all-time favorite bands. There may be others I’m happy to see, but I’m going for Ray!

It’s too much to hope he’ll do Sitting On My Sofa, but ya never know.


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