Zippered Bags

21 Jul

I’ve been having so much fun sewing up these lined, zippered pouches. The tutorial on Design Sponge made it relatively easy, and now I think I’ve got the hang of making them.

I love making something that is so nicely finished, and I love choosing fabrics to put together. It’s also great to have something to do with smaller pieces of fabric I have left over.

Sushi fabric is the little secret inside!

It’s hard to show in a picture, but I did some metallic red stitching on one side of this one. I love anything sparkly. I also wanted to show the bottom seams, which make the bags more structured.

This one is super 80s in a good way to me. That’s Peter Max fabric on the inside!

I named this one Picnic. It’s a little bigger than the other two- I used a 9″ zipper instead of a 7″ one. AND I ordered 150 zippers off eBay in assorted bright colors. I can’t wait to see what I get and to be able to choose from a big pile when I’m putting more bags together.




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