I’m Excited About: Figs, Cat Illustrations, Beaucoup Zippers

25 Jul

1. Our neighbors gave us some figs off his tree for the second time this summer. Last time, we ate them out of hand. This time, I might look through some recipes to see if I find something interesting.

2. Cat drawing next to a cat cartoon. My niece did the drawing, which I loved so much I swiped it from my mom’s house when I was visiting. I also love the New Yorker cartoon. The illustration is what does it for me, but in case you want to know, the caption reads, “It’s a lot easier than a mechanical bull.”

3. A fistful of zippers! 150 to be exact. That’s a lot of zippered bags! Can’t wait to dig in and sew- I’ve been working my day job so much in the last week.


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