I’m Excited About: We Live to Eat! Restaurant Week

22 Aug

This is the first year of this event, and it takes place Sept. 12-18. I’ve spent a good part of today looking at menus, and I have three restaurants I’d like to visit. Well, really, there are more, but I think three reasonable for one week.

The participating restaurants are offering $20 two course lunches and $35 three course dinners. On a bit of a tangent, I love fixed price menus! Not so much on a day like Valentine’s day, where you aren’t going to get the best food or the best value, but at other times, I love them.

With a fixed price menu, I feel compelled to order the most interesting offerings. And I sort of like being confined to just a couple choices, usually ones that I may not have considered if I was ordering from the full menu. I’m a sucker for a steak, man, what can I say? It’s hard for me to resist ordering a big hunk of beef.

And, continuing along this tangent, I have to just say that MiLa’s $20 three course fixed price lunch is the greatest deal in town. I still think about the coconut panna cotta with roasted strawberries  and mint oil I had there once. Ah! And I would have never ordered that if it were next to a chocolate dessert. I’m a sucker for chocolate, too, you see.

OK, so back to Restaurant Week and where I’d like to go. First is Restaurant August. They don’t have a menu posted, but I have never been and I’d really like to go.

Second is Cafe Adelaide. I already know I want the duck tasso-arugula flatbread and the charred sage brined pork.

Third is Mike’s on the Avenue, which I confess I didn’t even really know about before my menu perusal. But their lunch menu looks great, and bonus! The lunch is three courses as well as the dinner!

What I’ve really got to have there is the lilikoi cheesecake, which is a passion fruit cheesecake. Oh, yes, please, thanks. I’m sorta koo koo for passionfruit, and you just don’t see it used much without mixing it with other tropical fruits. I really prefer it on its own. I found their recipe for this dessert online, and while I’d love to make it, I’d like to try it at the restaurant first.

So I’ve got to start making some reservations! I feel so lucky to live in a city with such great restaurants, and an event like this is a great time to try some new places.


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