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One Year

26 Oct

I’ve been writing (or not writing) this blog for a year today.

I wish I could find out more information about Zodiac coffee, or the Foltz Tea and Coffee Co. I do like this label, though there seem to be a million and one faux-vintage prints of it for sale online.


You Go Girl Cat

19 Oct

This is on the way to the place you can hang out by the river. You know the place.

I’m gonna get back into the posting groove. I swear it.

Free Halloween Downloads

3 Oct

Betsy McCall’s Halloween from the Blue Door. Lots more of Betsy and other paper doll downloads over there. I want to make a row of multiple Betsys and her sister wearing every mask, maybe taped to the wall or standing on the table with some pumpkins.

Owl and cat cupcake toppers from Hoffman Media.

Owl and cat face cut outs. Originally from Martha Stewart. Do with them what you will!