Glitter Christmas Bulbs

9 Dec

Oh, I’m pretty much in love with these.

I took some replacement Christmas bulbs and FINALLY used some of the gorgeous micro-glitter I bought a long while ago on sale. Sometimes stuff is so pretty I want to make sure I have a project that does it justice, like that glitter, but I’m trying hard to do projects that utilize what I already have.

To make them, first I used scotch tape to cover the metal end. Then I held that end while I sprayed adhesive to the glass and shook glitter all over it. Any kind of glue would work, I just wanted to try spray adhesive. And let me just say, it sucks to get that all over your fingers, so wear a glove or something if you use it, too. You probably already knew that.

Don’t forget to put the extra glitter back in the container! I rigged up some foil holders so the bulbs could dry upright, but I’m sure you could just lay them gently down after a couple minutes. I think using clear glass bulbs gave them a nice luminosity, but any kind would work.

The pictures just couldn’t capture how sparkly and bright these bulbs are! I may add wire hangers by wrapping thin wire around the metal end and then making a loop to hang them, so they can be  ornaments for the tree. Or I may make more and glue them to a wreath. For now, I’m content to look at them in a bowl.




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