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After Dark Magazine: not for the children

6 Feb

Racy times.

Check out the tan lines!

Mr. USA, your phone cord is all tangled up in your jean sh…oh, never mind.


After Dark Magazine: Men in Fur

5 Feb

No words are needed; I think the sheer volume speaks for itself.


After Dark Magazine: Crazy 70s

4 Feb

Don’t ask me. I merely bring these to you in the interest of sociology and history or whatever.

After Dark Magazine: Grace Jones

3 Feb

Grace Jones gets her own post. Oh yes.

The article talks about her singing the song I Need A Man, so here’s a TV performance version.

After Dark Magazine: Ads

2 Feb

Oh, the 70s, you were so weird and wild and stupid and free.

Sometimes you were kind of gross, too, but I forgive you.

After Dark Magazine: Fashion

1 Feb

Oh, the 70s, I love you. For all the jumpsuits and shiny faces and disco dresses and heavy blusher, I love you! For all the things that I thought were cool but I was too young to wear, I love you!

This song came out in 1980 but it’s what I hear when I look at these photos. Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion!

After Dark Magazine: Covers

31 Jan

At an estate sale years ago, I bought a small stack of After Dark magazines from the 1970s. The cover states it is “The National Magazine of Entertainment.” It’s pretty clear the intended audience was the swingin’-ist, clubin’-ist, pop-culture-lovin’-ist gay and straight people of the time. I’m glad I don’t remember if I bought all of them at that sale, because if I knew I had left any, I’d have to deal with the regret now.

I am declaring this my After Dark Week, with a new post every day. To get started, here are some cover scans: