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Fixin’ Up the Kitchen

15 Sep

I have been a bad little blogger. I think the flood anniversary got to me a little, especially while watching some of those New England towns get hit. And work has been stressful, which makes me less industrious on my days off.

But this month, I have been trying to focus the energy I have on getting the kitchen fixed up. Here’s one “before” view:

There are a lot of things I love, like the original cabinets and tile counters. And I adore the vintage enameled metal stove. I really do, but I’m going to get a new stove. The thing is, the oven doesn’t really work, and I have to use what is essentially a large toaster oven to bake everything.

I mean. If baking cupcakes six at a time and making lasagna in two pans that must bake separately does not prove my love then I don’t know what would. But I want to break free and oh, say, roast some meat AND some potatoes. I dream big!

My mom is visiting in early October, and my goal is to have it done, or mostly done, by the time she gets here. The main task is repainting, but the counter tops also need regrouting, which is something I’ve never done. I’ve painted plenty, but never with so much old, peeling paint to tend to first.

Like so.

Stage one of scraping. It’s one of those things that you can just go and go on. And at some point you have to decide you’re done and it’s good enough and then move on. That’s if you want it done within a reasonable amount of time.

I’m also going to improve on the storage and the work surfaces. Adam says that if I get a big cutting board, he’ll make me a rolling cart with that on top. He has been helping me by spackling and smoothing the ceiling. So glad to have the help.

Adam likes how it looks sanded, with the two colors and the plaster wall showing through.

I do, too, but I am still painting over it. I was going to use the same colors, but this is so much work, I may do other shades of green, just so it looks different and exciting to me. Gonna finish all the prep work before I decide.