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Lovin’ on St Louis. NOLA, too.

3 Aug

I grew up in St. Louis and I miss it something fierce. I was just there a couple months ago, but it’s got a place in my heart always.

The Hi Fi Fo Fum store mascot! How can he not make you happy?

One of the things I love is the look of it- big trees, brick buildings, wide streets. I didn’t realize how deep the history of brick was in the city, and I hope one day I’m able to see the movie Brick by Chance and Fortune. Here’s the trailer:

When Adam went to buy bricks here in New Orleans, he said they were piled on different pallets, labeled by city: Detroit, St. Louis, etc. It broke my heart a little, because I had been reading about brick theft through the blog Preservation Research Office and others.

On a happier note, I’ve become fascinated by a residential architectural style called the flounder house. It’s fairly rare, apparently, but St. Louis has some. (And so does New Orleans, but I have yet to see any.) It’s hard to describe what it is; better you should check out this post from Preservation Research Office with lots of pictures. I love these quirky elements of our history!

I love progress and change, but there is so much to lose when we don’t take preservation into account. New is not always better. So often, it’s worse. There is a feeling I get from things with history; it’s a feeling that goes straight to my core, almost like a romantic love. Buildings, clothing, dishes. It feels like a connection to people in the past, to a different time. I used to think everyone felt it; I was sad to figure out that isn’t so.

For me, it isn’t about a certain time period. I love the ancient warehouses down by the river bank and the midcentury ranch houses in the suburbs. I love it all. I’ve been wanting to do these self-guided tours of midcentury modern buildings put together by I’ve also been wanting to visit the Metairie Cemetery down here. St. Louis and New Orleans hold endless treasures, and I want to know everything about them.


More from the woods

5 Nov

Driving to the Amicalola Falls State Park, Shelby exhibits some exciting ear action. The park has an 8.5 mile approach trail to Springer Mountain, the southern end of the Appalachian Trail.


And we liked this truck that tumbled down a mountain and got stuck a long time ago.


I officially love the Blue Ridge Mountains in fall.

In the woods

1 Nov

Having a vacation. This kind.

The relaxing kind. This creek is right by our cabin, and I would like to have this sound on a loop.

I wish we had time to go to folk artist Howard Finster’s Paradise Gardens, but it’s a little too far out of the way. It’s on the list, though. Here’s an article from the New York Times about him and the place.