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Summer Cucumbers and a Typewriter

9 Jun

This typewriter was my dad’s Remington.

I sure do love it.

I’ve been missing my dad lately, and after I bought 3 cucumbers for $1.00 at the farmer’s market, I thought of making summer cucumbers like he used to make. He would slice cucumbers and onion and then throw them in a tub with white vinegar. I decided to add a little dill and a little salt, even though my dad used to do it plain and simple.

Adam has been loving these, and I like to eat them occasionally. The smell, however, makes me remember my dad in the happiest way. I’m glad I have Adam to eat summer cucumbers so that I can have them around!



8 Jun

I’ve been doing some things I’ve meant to do for awhile, like roasting a big hunk of beef for sandwiches and sewing a few simple a-line skirts with side zippers.

Lush, fluffy peonies have been worth every penny I spent on them. I didn’t realize they have a nice, light perfume until I got them home. They are one of my new favorite flowers.

And I guess I was on a muffin kick, because I made chocolate chocolate chip muffins from a recipe I got in Cooking Light. I used a tablespoon of strong coffee instead of the red wine vinegar it calls for, and they turned out well, if a tiny bit dry. I resisted slathering them with butter, though, because I have some cute clothes I don’t fit. Eventually, I’ve got to fit them or find new homes for them, and I’d rather do the former!



16 May

I haven’t been posting a lot lately, and part of the reason is that the things I had been spending my time on didn’t seem post-worthy. I spent one entire day rearranging the two bookshelves in our living room- adding some stuff and getting rid of some stuff. And dusting. Boy do I hate dusting.

But then I was thinking that I may as well share that on here, because the thing is, I love arranging stuff. It pleases me, and I shouldn’t be embarrassed! I have been secretly attracted to the idea of arranging books by color, though I don’t like things being too fussy and obviously arranged. I decided to give it a shot, and you know, I think I love it.

I don’t have so many books that I could really do it full-force, but I think that’s why it works…also Adam remarked that he was glad I didn’t try to do a rainbow. What I did do was a shelf of hot colors (red, orange, pink, yellow) and a shelf of cool colors (blue, green.) The bottom shelf is magazines and comics and funny books- I think having one shelf of mixed-up books keeps the fussiness level down.

The sculpture on top is Adam’s.

This shelf has a bunch metal tools and things Adam has collected, a sculpture of a package his dad made, and a picture of my dad next to a horse decoration he made in high school. The small green vase I got in an antique shop in upstate New York, and the vintage yellow tin was his dad’s.

And then on the other unit, there is a shelf of mostly black spines and of mostly white spines. I kept my shelves of books to read, art books, and various small books. And I kept all my New Orleans books grouped together.

I really think doing a little bit of arranging by color gives some visual calm and unity…and I feel like a total goofball saying that. But I do. And I like it.


26 Mar

Could any word have more ‘u’s and could any flower be prettier?

I bought my first bunch of ranunculus at the farmer’s market here, and I fell in love with them. They open up into such thick and lush blooms, and the stems! The stems are so crazy with their twists and bends and their feathery leaves. They are one of my favorite flowers.

I wish my cats didn’t enjoy nibbling on flowers and knocking over vases as much as they do, because I love having them around.

Vintage 60s Travel Brochures- New Orleans and Mardi Gras

4 Mar

As if you have to entice people to visit this place!

So civilized! A motorcoach holiday!

A lovely make-believe world! Ain’t that the truth?

What I wouldn’t give to go back in time for a night at the Roosevelt’s Blue Room!!

After Dark Magazine: not for the children

6 Feb

Racy times.

Check out the tan lines!

Mr. USA, your phone cord is all tangled up in your jean sh…oh, never mind.

After Dark Magazine: Men in Fur

5 Feb

No words are needed; I think the sheer volume speaks for itself.