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Free Halloween Downloads

3 Oct

Betsy McCall’s Halloween from the Blue Door. Lots more of Betsy and other paper doll downloads over there. I want to make a row of multiple Betsys and her sister wearing every mask, maybe taped to the wall or standing on the table with some pumpkins.

Owl and cat cupcake toppers from Hoffman Media.

Owl and cat face cut outs. Originally from Martha Stewart. Do with them what you will!


Building With Green Glass Exterior

13 Jul

Exteriors of glass panels in beautiful colors is a building treatment that no one seems to use anymore, but I love it so.

I mean, obviously, age is a little rough on it.

But look how the glass reflects the light and whatever is around it. Hi! That’s me taking a picture in the bottom right!

And it’s so pretty when it reflects the clouds in the sky.

This one is down the street from me, so I get to look at it all the time. There was another one on my street, with yellow and orange glass, if I remember right. But they fixed that one up and the glass is gone.

I wish I could find more online images of this kind of exterior, but when I search, I mostly find skyscrapers and things.

This craft tutorial from kootut murut of painting the insides of glass jars reminds me of my beloved glass exterior buildings. Maybe it’s those colors she used. But I have lots of tester-sized paints needing a purpose in life, so this may be their destiny.

Reason #102 Why I Love New Orleans

11 Jul

The Running of the Bulls, NOLA style.

I admit I’ve never gotten up early to attend, but I love this video by NOMOON Pictures and I feel happy just knowing the event goes on. A few of my pals have been the bulls! Next year, I’ll wake up.

Summertime Goals

14 Jun

I’m gonna conquer my goals like this girl conquered this deadly alligator! Or whatever.

So here they are:

1. Paint the kitchen. I don’t think the ceiling has been painted since the house was built in 1944. Not kidding.

2. Continue to have a steady stream of craft projects. Use what I have, both in crafts and in cooking.

3. Do at least two days of being a tourist here in New Orleans. I’ve never been to the Audubon Zoo nor the new Insectarium. Adam and I have been talking about riding the Canal streetcar to the Metairie Cemetery for forever. Not sure what exactly we’ll do…

And that may not seem like much, but it’s hot down here. And I’ve got my day job. And a trip to visit my family planned in just over a week, which I am so excited about! Happy summer!

Oh Happy Day Paris Trip Giveaway

10 Jun

Some blogs have great giveaways, but I think this is the biggest one I’ve ever seen! A chance to win a trip to Paris.

Here’s the link to Oh Happy Day.

French Quarter Fest, a Visit From My Mother-in-Law, My Birthday and a Virus

16 Apr

These are the main reasons I haven’t written in so long. And work of course. Pesky day job!

I had not been a big fan of French Quarter Fest, but then, I had only ever tried to go on a weekend day. This year, they added Thursday. There were no lines at the food booths, and plenty of places to sit, even in the shade.

I wanted to try Muriel’s goat cheese crepe with crawfish sauce and Boucherie’s roast beef po’ boy with pickled red onions with horseradish sauce. Both were great! We spent almost all our time at the stage with the more traditional brass jazz bands, including the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. I would have gone back with Adam and his mom and given Friday a try if I hadn’t been working that day.

I didn’t do a lot for my birthday this year because I was sick with a cold. It was a bit of a bummer because I really do love the idea of a new year, be it a calendar year or the start of a new age for me. Though I love fresh starts and thinking about goals and all, it’s hard to feel excited and gung-ho when you are tired and congested.

But no real complaints from me. I’ve got some things in mind that I’m excited about, the weather has been fine and I’m back to feeling good!

Today I am freezing raspberries which I got for a steal at 25 cents for each 6 oz container. Later, we may go to a movie. I’m gearing up for a very work-intensive week next week, so I’m just happy to be taking it easy.


26 Mar

Could any word have more ‘u’s and could any flower be prettier?

I bought my first bunch of ranunculus at the farmer’s market here, and I fell in love with them. They open up into such thick and lush blooms, and the stems! The stems are so crazy with their twists and bends and their feathery leaves. They are one of my favorite flowers.

I wish my cats didn’t enjoy nibbling on flowers and knocking over vases as much as they do, because I love having them around.